2017 Summer Collection- 1980’s GRAFFITI ART Inspiration…

The inspiration for the 2017 Summer Collection is 1980’s Graffiti Art. The mixture of colors, shapes and textures coupled with the uniqueness of each brush stroke of paint makes a powerful statement of individuality, confidence and power.

This mood board tells the story of uniqueness and strength. The interpretation of color and free forms in art gives each design a voice and point of view of it’s own.

My concept began with a vintage cotton fabric that I stumbled upon that immediately spoke to me. The brush strokes of color and texture created by the print oozed with 1980’s graffiti art and I am excited about the evolution of the concept and the pieces.


The few of the fabrics in the collection consist of a denim with a gold sheen, a cream knit with a silver sheen, a silver sheen tissue linen, and a cotton lawn. The slight sparkly sheen of the fabrics creates a depth against the graphic and colors in the painted fabric.

The collection is coming together well. Here is a look at the progress of the first pieces.


A gold sheen denim top.


A vintage inspired short with vintage seam lace trim.


A stunning silver sheen tissue linen and dolman sleeves is in the works.


The French seams and dolman sleeves are lovely on this linen. The sheen is undeniable.


With the celebration of 2017’s arrival, I am excited to share my journey! Happy New Year!

The First Collection of NYAM Modern Vintage

The very first mini-collection of clothing for NYAM Modern Vintage was inspired by an idea of “A Vintage Summer”.

During the summer of  2014, I challenged myself to have patience and commitment to a single vision. It took a total of 6 weeks from conception to fruition. The collection included shorts, blouses, wrap shirts, and tie bandeaus.

The collection was sewn on a modern sewing machine ,before NYAM studio, in the  second bedroom of my small two bedroom apartment in East Atlanta, Georgia.


The fabrics included vintage denim and silk as well as, modern silk, cotton, linen and metallic fabrics. The garments included vintage lace seam binding, vintage buttons and invisible zippers.

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This is the vintage inspired short made of vintage denim, modern cotton twill and metallic mesh fabric.



Front with Vintage Seam Lace Trim


Back with invisible zipper closure

This is a vintage style wrap blouse made of vintage silk with vintage buttons and lace seam binding.


This work in progress, is the vintage style wrap blouse made of modern silk twill with vintage buttons and lace seam binding.



This is a vintage style tie bandeau top made of linen with tucks and vintage seam lace binding.




This is a black floral chiffon blouse with tucks made of a modern silk fabric.


Although this was only the beginning, the skills I acquired from this challenge have become more refined. I am definitely looking forwards to the next collection!




NYAM Studio Inspiration

As the final adjustments are nearing the end at NYAM Studio, the time has arrived for NYAM Modern Vintage clothing line to fill the air. During this process of gathering inspiration, concepts, and sketches, I decided to engage myself daily with something inspiring to stimulate my creativity as I solidify the story I want to convey with the clothing.

One magazine that inspires me is PoP’Africana. PoP’Africa is an independently published magazine created and edited by Oroma Elewa. I was inspired by Oroma Elewa’s fearlessness and definitiveness about her vision and point of view as it relates to fashion and art.IMG_0046

Now, let me share my two most inspiring and favorite articles in PoP’Africana, Issue 1. The photographs were absolutely stunning and the styling was impeccable.

The first article that inspired me is titled “NATIVE, Inspired by The Famished Road”.


Photo Copyright Omoro Elewa, PoP’Africana Issue 1

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The second article that inspired me is titled “ATAUI DENG and Why We Love Her”.


Photo Copyright Omoro Elewa, PoP’Africana Issue 1

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Oroma Elewa published only two limited edition issues of the PoP’Africana magazine. Although the magazines were published a few years ago,Oroma Elewa’s work continues to be an inspiration.




NYAM Studio… Let the sewing begin.

After the all of the “elbow grease”, I think I need another elbow. In fact, I think I may need to purchase a few shares of stock in the local home improvement stores. I have spent more time in those stores than I care to discuss. But it was all worth it because I am in love with the fact that everything in the studio turned out exactly as I envisioned.

The primary sewing machine that I will use to sew clothing is the vintage Singer 201-2 model. This sewing machine is very popular and is built to last many lifetimes. It’s one of the best vintage machines available and produces beautiful stitches.


The stitches are a “true straight” and consistent at various stitch lengths.


The mid-century sewing cabinets were cleaned, refinished and waxed. The cabinets will house the 201-2  sewing machine. These are the original cabinets that contained the machines. The machine weigh a ton, so these cabinets are necessary to sew comfortably.


You guessed it! The sewing machine had a previous life which leaves a mess to clean up for its second life. I spent days cleaning, soldering and rewiring.  More often than not, the sewing machine has to be rewired to operate safely.






The sewing machine and cabinet are ready for the challenge. Now, I can sew like a crazy lady. LoL. But, not too crazy!







NYAM Studio. Can you see the sign?

NYAM Studio is progressing. It’s been six weeks and I’ve been working tirelessly everyday to get everything set up. Elbow grease and overthinking (oftentimes) along the journey, I feel accomplished and focused. I still can’t believe that NYAM Studio is alive but it is alive and well.

The latest update is complete. I am proud to say that it’s official! The sign is in the sky. Well, technically it’s on the building, LoL. Welcome to the NYAM Studio.



NYAM Studio Upgrades

The studio is still under construction (thus the pieces on the ground) and is just about complete. The upgrade of a table for sewing lessons has arrived! This is the perfect place to unleash your sewing skills! New sewing lessons will be added soon. Be sure to follow the blog for the latest details on sewing lessons. NYAM Studio will see you soon.


NYAM STUDIO Sewing Lessons Available

NYAM STUDIO is now offering sewing lessons. The lessons are available weekly and new lessons will be added to the calendar. The purpose of the sewing lessons are to guide and teach the knowledge of basic sewing skills. The class size is kept small to keep the focus on learning new sewing skills. All available lessons and dates require a RSVP by paying the lesson fee (online) prior to attending the class. RSVP for sewing lessons by clicking on the Eventbrite link to pay lesson fee.

Basic details for the current lessons can be found below!


Basic Commercial Pattern Knowledge – During the lesson you will learn various skills including basic measurements, charting a size on a commercial pattern, reading pattern symbols and terms.


Basic Sewing Machine Knowledge – During this lesson you will learn how to thread a sewing machine, thread a bobbin, load a bobbin, basic sewing machine stitches, and basic troubleshooting.


New lessons will be added to the schedule. Be sure to follow the blog for the latest updates about NYAM Studio!

NYAM Studio is LIT!

The finishing touches are being added to NYAM Studio. The space is now complete with a station for sewing lessons. The objective is to make NYAM Studio an inviting, comfortable and inspiring space for creating and sewing. The studio reflects the vision of NYAM Modern Vintage. A piece of vintage colliding with samples of modern to create a unique vibe.


Since the last blog post, this happened…

A new edition to NYAM Studio is a space for sewing lessons! The sewing lesson calendar is coming very soon! This is the space for you to unleash your talents. Vintage Samsonite chairs painted in antique nickel and  re-upholstered in a vintage teal print fabric leaves just the right amount of color. This is your comfortable and vibrant welcome to NYAM Studio.


By the way, the vintage walnut chair was finally re-upholstered with modern black batik and restored. Isn’t it lovely? This chair has a new life.


Now, the meeting space is finally complete. This is the space where all of the “BLOG CAST” will occur. Can you feel the vibe?


A lot has happened in the last few days and the progress is exciting! Be sure to follow, share and like the BLOG for details!


NYAM Studio is a Work in Progress.

Welcome to NYAM Studio. NYAM Studio is a bit closer to opening. Seventeen days has passed since the beginning of the process and everything is progressing well. In just seventeen days, a vacant hollow space has been transformed into a sewing studio. All of the business applications are complete. Now, I can purely focus on the finishing touches needed before I get to the wonderful part of sewing.

Let me show you around the studio thus far.

Cutting Station – This is where all cutting will take place. A professional cutting table and a couple of vintage sewing chairs will get plenty of use as patterns are drafted  and fabrics are laid out and cut.


Pressing Station – This is where a wide ironing board, tailoring hams, sleeve boards, and a gravity fed iron are used to press seams and wrinkles.


Fabric Storage – The bookshelves are used to neatly store fabric. After unpacking the boxes, I realized that this is a lot of fabric. When, I first started sewing my mother asked ” Will you be one of those sewing ladies that will have have tons of fabric but never sew anything?” I laughed and responded, ” Of course not. Well, that is not my intention.”



Welcome to NYAM STUDIO


Today marks the beginning of the journey of NYAM Modern Vintage, An Artisan Clothing Brand in the new NYAM Studio. However, the beginning of my interest in the sewing started seven years ago. I’ve had an interest in sewing for many years, but I never could find the time to learn. Then, a few years ago the opportunity presented itself and I decided to pull out a basic singer school model sewing machine and give sewing a try. I would break out in a sweat at the thought of simply threading the sewing machine. Determine to learn, I solicited help from a cousin that works as a seamstress at a local tuxedo shop. After a few lessons, I spent hours reading pattern instructions and any sewing manuals I could find. In the process, I fell in love with the vintage esthetic and the design details of vintage garments and designs. Determined to make a garment on my own, I spent hours cutting a McCalls pattern and sewing a shirt in an Indian batik fabric. That was the very first garment that I made without any assistance using a four step button hole and I was really proud. Well, that was only the beginning and now I would like to welcome you to NYAM STUDIO.

studio before table wp