NYAM Studio is LIT!

The finishing touches are being added to NYAM Studio. The space is now complete with a station for sewing lessons. The objective is to make NYAM Studio an inviting, comfortable and inspiring space for creating and sewing. The studio reflects the vision of NYAM Modern Vintage. A piece of vintage colliding with samples of modern to create a unique vibe.


Since the last blog post, this happened…

A new edition to NYAM Studio is a space for sewing lessons! The sewing lesson calendar is coming very soon! This is the space for you to unleash your talents. Vintage Samsonite chairs painted in antique nickel and  re-upholstered in a vintage teal print fabric leaves just the right amount of color. This is your comfortable and vibrant welcome to NYAM Studio.


By the way, the vintage walnut chair was finally re-upholstered with modern black batik and restored. Isn’t it lovely? This chair has a new life.


Now, the meeting space is finally complete. This is the space where all of the “BLOG CAST” will occur. Can you feel the vibe?


A lot has happened in the last few days and the progress is exciting! Be sure to follow, share and like the BLOG for details!



NYAM Studio is a Work in Progress.

Welcome to NYAM Studio. NYAM Studio is a bit closer to opening. Seventeen days has passed since the beginning of the process and everything is progressing well. In just seventeen days, a vacant hollow space has been transformed into a sewing studio. All of the business applications are complete. Now, I can purely focus on the finishing touches needed before I get to the wonderful part of sewing.

Let me show you around the studio thus far.

Cutting Station – This is where all cutting will take place. A professional cutting table and a couple of vintage sewing chairs will get plenty of use as patterns are drafted  and fabrics are laid out and cut.


Pressing Station – This is where a wide ironing board, tailoring hams, sleeve boards, and a gravity fed iron are used to press seams and wrinkles.


Fabric Storage – The bookshelves are used to neatly store fabric. After unpacking the boxes, I realized that this is a lot of fabric. When, I first started sewing my mother asked ” Will you be one of those sewing ladies that will have have tons of fabric but never sew anything?” I laughed and responded, ” Of course not. Well, that is not my intention.”



Welcome to NYAM STUDIO


Today marks the beginning of the journey of NYAM Modern Vintage, An Artisan Clothing Brand in the new NYAM Studio. However, the beginning of my interest in the sewing started seven years ago. I’ve had an interest in sewing for many years, but I never could find the time to learn. Then, a few years ago the opportunity presented itself and I decided to pull out a basic singer school model sewing machine and give sewing a try. I would break out in a sweat at the thought of simply threading the sewing machine. Determine to learn, I solicited help from a cousin that works as a seamstress at a local tuxedo shop. After a few lessons, I spent hours reading pattern instructions and any sewing manuals I could find. In the process, I fell in love with the vintage esthetic and the design details of vintage garments and designs. Determined to make a garment on my own, I spent hours cutting a McCalls pattern and sewing a shirt in an Indian batik fabric. That was the very first garment that I made without any assistance using a four step button hole and I was really proud. Well, that was only the beginning and now I would like to welcome you to NYAM STUDIO.

studio before table wp