Welcome to NYAM STUDIO


Today marks the beginning of the journey of NYAM Modern Vintage, An Artisan Clothing Brand in the new NYAM Studio. However, the beginning of my interest in the sewing started seven years ago. I’ve had an interest in sewing for many years, but I never could find the time to learn. Then, a few years ago the opportunity presented itself and I decided to pull out a basic singer school model sewing machine and give sewing a try. I would break out in a sweat at the thought of simply threading the sewing machine. Determine to learn, I solicited help from a cousin that works as a seamstress at a local tuxedo shop. After a few lessons, I spent hours reading pattern instructions and any sewing manuals I could find. In the process, I fell in love with the vintage esthetic and the design details of vintage garments and designs. Determined to make a garment on my own, I spent hours cutting a McCalls pattern and sewing a shirt in an Indian batik fabric. That was the very first garment that I made without any assistance using a four step button hole and I was really proud. Well, that was only the beginning and now I would like to welcome you to NYAM STUDIO.

studio before table wp





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