NYAM Studio is a Work in Progress.

Welcome to NYAM Studio. NYAM Studio is a bit closer to opening. Seventeen days has passed since the beginning of the process and everything is progressing well. In just seventeen days, a vacant hollow space has been transformed into a sewing studio. All of the business applications are complete. Now, I can purely focus on the finishing touches needed before I get to the wonderful part of sewing.

Let me show you around the studio thus far.

Cutting Station – This is where all cutting will take place. A professional cutting table and a couple of vintage sewing chairs will get plenty of use as patterns are drafted  and fabrics are laid out and cut.


Pressing Station – This is where a wide ironing board, tailoring hams, sleeve boards, and a gravity fed iron are used to press seams and wrinkles.


Fabric Storage – The bookshelves are used to neatly store fabric. After unpacking the boxes, I realized that this is a lot of fabric. When, I first started sewing my mother asked ” Will you be one of those sewing ladies that will have have tons of fabric but never sew anything?” I laughed and responded, ” Of course not. Well, that is not my intention.”




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