NYAM Studio is LIT!

The finishing touches are being added to NYAM Studio. The space is now complete with a station for sewing lessons. The objective is to make NYAM Studio an inviting, comfortable and inspiring space for creating and sewing. The studio reflects the vision of NYAM Modern Vintage. A piece of vintage colliding with samples of modern to create a unique vibe.


Since the last blog post, this happened…

A new edition to NYAM Studio is a space for sewing lessons! The sewing lesson calendar is coming very soon! This is the space for you to unleash your talents. Vintage Samsonite chairs painted in antique nickel and  re-upholstered in a vintage teal print fabric leaves just the right amount of color. This is your comfortable and vibrant welcome to NYAM Studio.


By the way, the vintage walnut chair was finally re-upholstered with modern black batik and restored. Isn’t it lovely? This chair has a new life.


Now, the meeting space is finally complete. This is the space where all of the “BLOG CAST” will occur. Can you feel the vibe?


A lot has happened in the last few days and the progress is exciting! Be sure to follow, share and like the BLOG for details!



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