NYAM Studio… Let the sewing begin.

After the all of the “elbow grease”, I think I need another elbow. In fact, I think I may need to purchase a few shares of stock in the local home improvement stores. I have spent more time in those stores than I care to discuss. But it was all worth it because I am in love with the fact that everything in the studio turned out exactly as I envisioned.

The primary sewing machine that I will use to sew clothing is the vintage Singer 201-2 model. This sewing machine is very popular and is built to last many lifetimes. It’s one of the best vintage machines available and produces beautiful stitches.


The stitches are a “true straight” and consistent at various stitch lengths.


The mid-century sewing cabinets were cleaned, refinished and waxed. The cabinets will house the 201-2  sewing machine. These are the original cabinets that contained the machines. The machine weigh a ton, so these cabinets are necessary to sew comfortably.


You guessed it! The sewing machine had a previous life which leaves a mess to clean up for its second life. I spent days cleaning, soldering and rewiring.  More often than not, the sewing machine has to be rewired to operate safely.






The sewing machine and cabinet are ready for the challenge. Now, I can sew like a crazy lady. LoL. But, not too crazy!








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