The First Collection of NYAM Modern Vintage

The very first mini-collection of clothing for NYAM Modern Vintage was inspired by an idea of “A Vintage Summer”.

During the summer of  2014, I challenged myself to have patience and commitment to a single vision. It took a total of 6 weeks from conception to fruition. The collection included shorts, blouses, wrap shirts, and tie bandeaus.

The collection was sewn on a modern sewing machine ,before NYAM studio, in the  second bedroom of my small two bedroom apartment in East Atlanta, Georgia.


The fabrics included vintage denim and silk as well as, modern silk, cotton, linen and metallic fabrics. The garments included vintage lace seam binding, vintage buttons and invisible zippers.

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This is the vintage inspired short made of vintage denim, modern cotton twill and metallic mesh fabric.



Front with Vintage Seam Lace Trim


Back with invisible zipper closure

This is a vintage style wrap blouse made of vintage silk with vintage buttons and lace seam binding.


This work in progress, is the vintage style wrap blouse made of modern silk twill with vintage buttons and lace seam binding.



This is a vintage style tie bandeau top made of linen with tucks and vintage seam lace binding.




This is a black floral chiffon blouse with tucks made of a modern silk fabric.


Although this was only the beginning, the skills I acquired from this challenge have become more refined. I am definitely looking forwards to the next collection!