2017 Summer Collection- 1980’s GRAFFITI ART Inspiration…

The inspiration for the 2017 Summer Collection is 1980’s Graffiti Art. The mixture of colors, shapes and textures coupled with the uniqueness of each brush stroke of paint makes a powerful statement of individuality, confidence and power.

This mood board tells the story of uniqueness and strength. The interpretation of color and free forms in art gives each design a voice and point of view of it’s own.

My concept began with a vintage cotton fabric that I stumbled upon that immediately spoke to me. The brush strokes of color and texture created by the print oozed with 1980’s graffiti art and I am excited about the evolution of the concept and the pieces.


The few of the fabrics in the collection consist of a denim with a gold sheen, a cream knit with a silver sheen, a silver sheen tissue linen, and a cotton lawn. The slight sparkly sheen of the fabrics creates a depth against the graphic and colors in the painted fabric.

The collection is coming together well. Here is a look at the progress of the first pieces.


A gold sheen denim top.


A vintage inspired short with vintage seam lace trim.


A stunning silver sheen tissue linen and dolman sleeves is in the works.


The French seams and dolman sleeves are lovely on this linen. The sheen is undeniable.


With the celebration of 2017’s arrival, I am excited to share my journey! Happy New Year!


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